MultiSearch Watchlists Temporarily Down

Dear MFO Premium Subscribers.

We apologize, but the Watchlists feature in our main MultiSearch tool will be down temporarily until we transition to the new user portal. The traditional login/account page will also be temporarily disabled (shhh…).

Our web host performed a server upgrade last night that took us off-line for about an hour, but worse, the upgrade adversely affected (aka “whacked”) our current user portal, which in turn impacted MultiSearch, ScoreCard, Averages, and Login.

Will be sending email around once we transition to new portal shortly, which will greatly improve user ability to set re-passwords, extend subscriptions, and the enhance overall use of the site.

It will be rolled-out along with several other improvements targeted at site responsiveness.

We will be extending all subscriptions by two months for the inconvenience this transition may cause.

Thanks, as always, to the good folks that alerted us to the issues this morning.