Mutual Fund Observer's premium site provides fund screening tools, analytics, and ratings updated monthly, plus additional commentary to complement our main site.

MFO Premium search tools feature:
  • All U.S. Mutual Funds, ETFs, CEFs, and Insurance Funds, including all share classes.
  • Select from 59 evaluation periods (lifetime, ytd, multi-year and multi-month, plus full, down, and up market cycles) for all risk and performance metrics.
  • Fund ratings beyond those based on Martin, including Absolute Return, Sharpe and Sortino.
  • Compact, sortable, and exportable table outputs.
  • Expanded metrics and a suite of fund analytics, including Correlation, Rolling Averages, Up/Downside Capture, Calendar Year Returns, Batting Averages and Trend.
MultiSearch is our main search tool. It will sort through thousands of mutual funds based upon selectable criteria. More than 100 criteria can be selected simultaneously, like Category, Number of Holdings, Fund Family, and MFO Rating. For example, up to 25 Catgeories may be selected, along with multiple risk characteristics.

Premium content also includes the MFO Fund Family Scorecard and Category Averages tools, in addition to our legacy MFO Dashboard of Profiled Funds, Great Owls and Three Alarm Fund tools. Updates are typically posted on the 4th or 5th business day.

As of Sunday, 4 October 2020:
  • Database updated through September 2020 using Lipper Global Data Feed for U.S. funds.
  • New MulitSearch features include pre-set screen called Morningstar Barometer ETFs, ESG Scores, and more ETF and CEF metrics, as described here.
  • Posted charts and video from latest "Webinar."
  • Added returns for Last 12 Months to Trend group in MultiSearch.
  • Some MultiSearch updates: Watchlists can now hold 100 funds. Added Interest Fee, often relevant in CEFs. Added Junk Plus NR (Non Rated) weight and removed NR from previous Junk weight metric.
  • Added nine new evaluation periods to MultiSearch and Portfolios tools, as described here.
  • Users can now customize names of Watchlists and Portfolios. Just hover over default name and enter new name.
  • Added ability to screen for Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs) via Asset Universe criteria in MultiSearch.
  • Newest features to MultiSearch include breakouts of Bond Credit & Duration, Yearly Return Ratings, Current Month Inflow/Outflow, Price/NAV Premiums and Discounts, and ability to screen for Alpha, Tracking Error and Information Ratio, as described in Back To Basics.
  • Added several new features to MultiSearch, including Holdings data, expanded Portfolio metrics, and Multi-Year and Ferguson Ratings, as described in Looking Under the Hood at Holdings.
  • Posted "Best Funds of the Decade."
  • Incorporated several new features into MultiSearch, as described in "Data Across Ten Decades."
  • Revised MultiSearch "Include" options: "Include Averages" adds category averages for all funds in the results table. Similarly, "Include Benchmarks" adds the assigned Lipper Global benchmarks. See Revised MultiSearch “Include” Options.
  • Two new changes to MultiSearch: Added Expense Ratio (ER) Ratings and revised the Averages methodology to include all metrics across selected evaluation period. See Premium Site Updates and Definitions.
  • Added Bear Market Deviation, Down Market Deviation, and Three Alarm Risk, along with attendant ratings, to MultiSearch, as described in A More Robust Down-side Market Metric and on the Definitions page.
  • Added Portfolios tool, which enables users to determine risk and return metrics at rolled-up portfolio levels. Click on Portfolios in navigation bar at top of any page.
  • Added Calendar Year and Fixed Period Returns to MultiSearch Results table ... scroll far right. (Same info as in Analyze tool, just making these data front-and-right, thanks to suggestion from Sam Lee.)
  • Blog post: WisdomTree Fund Family.
  • Blog post: US Market Over The Long Run.
  • Blog post: Introducing MFO Premium's New Home Page.
  • Blog post: Barron's Best Mutual Funds You've Never Heard Of.
  • Added 4, 6, 8, and 9-year evaluation periods to MultiSearch.
  • Added another PreSet Screen to MultiSearch, called The 11 Sector ETFs.
  • Upped default Row display to 100 ... may need to hit tool Reset or exit browser window to take effect.
  • Enlarged format of the MultiSearch screening criteria input panel.
  • Added QuickSearch tool, a "lite" version of MultiSearch, and consolidated our main site search tools into the premium site.
  • Added ability to export (up to 25 funds) from the MultiSearch results table to WatchLists.
  • Added option to hide empty columns in the MultiSearch, Calendar Year, and Period Performance Tools. See the "View" button on their output pages.
  • Added Compare Funds option to MultiSearch, which presents up to 10 funds from the MultiSearch Results table in a vertically oriented format.
  • Added printer-friendly pdf export option to all tools with vertically oriented output pages.
  • Added Returns vs Benchmark analysis options to MultiSearch tool.
  • Added option to run analysis tools from the output pages of other analysis tools.
  • Portfolio watchlists now found on MultiSearch page.
  • Expanded MultiSearch evaluation periods from 21 to 38, as described in November MFO commentary.
  • Batting averages, Ferguson metrics and Trend (versus 3- & 10-mo SMAs) all now available as MultiSearch screening criteria.
  • Added Trend analysis option to MultiSearch tool, which indicates when funds are above or below their 3- and 10-month simple moving averages (SMAs), as described in September MFO commentary.
  • Migrated to a new webhost to modernize our Account Manager and PayPal interface, as explained here.
  • Added Ferguson analysis option to MultiSearch tool, as described in August MFO commentary.
  • Added Calendar Year Performance and Period Performance analysis options to MultiSearch tool, including Returns, Returns vs Peers, Batting Averages, Category Averages, Peer Count, and Rank.
  • Site now using Lipper Global Data Feed, which will serve as basis for much expanded content.
  • Added Upside Capture, Downside Capture, and Capture Ratio across all 38 evaluation periods and versus SP500, USBond, US6040, and ACIxUS indexes.
  • Added header labels to column groups in MultiSearch results table. These labels can be toggled to show only columns (metrics) in selected group.
  • Added "Group" and "Column" visibility options on MultiSearch results page, which enable showing or hiding various metrics by group (eg., "Period Metrics") or individually.
  • Redesigned Blog page using WordPress to better match format and features of our main site. This update also enables posting of subscriber comments, guest article submission, and site feedback.
  • Adopted encrypted link HTTPS protocols along with our SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) site certificate to best safeguard subscriber information.
  • Added new Watchlist feature, enabling users to save up to 10 Watchlists of 25 Symbols from MultiSearch.
  • Added header definition pop-ups on hover in MultiSearch screener and re-enabled column reorder feature.
  • Added "Just Turned Three" and "Two Year Olds" to MultiSearch Age selection criteria.
  • Added Fund of Funds flag to MultiSearch screener.
  • Added beta and four correlation "R" metrics to MultiSearch output, including R vs Peer, R vs SP500, R vs USBond, and R vs ACIxUS.
  • Added a reference fund to each Category representing the Average of Monthly Returns. It will appear with all other funds when performing a MultiSearch screening by Category, identified with an "AV-" Symbol preface.
  • Added Life display option to Correlate tool, which will use period of youngest fund in matrix.
  • Added a Rolling Averages tool, which can be performed on all funds displayed in MuliSearch results table, as well as screened in MultiSearch itself.
  • Hyperlinked Category metric in MultiSearch tool, which enables comparison of all funds in a specific category with a single click. Other hyperlinks in MultiSearch are Symbol and Fund Family.
  • Updated Fund Names to eliminate Trust prefix and abbreviate Share Class, as applicable.
  • Added risk and performance metrics for nearly 2000 indexes. See Indexes on Category selection of MultiSearch page.
  • Revised Great Owl methodology to exclude funds under 20 years old that have an MFO Rating for its lifetime of less than 5.
  • Added PreSet Screen called "Morningstar's Forgotten," which serves as basis for David Snowball's "Left Behind" series.
  • Removed load from MFO ratings methodology following Morningstar's lead, citing "approximately half of A share class investors don't pay the full load."
  • Added vertical scrollbar to MultiSearch Results page, allowing headers to remain on screen when viewing large tables. The vertical scroll window will dynamically span about 2/3 of the browser window when viewing with relatively modern browsers.
  • Redesigned action buttons, like Correlate, on MultiSearch Results page, as well as enabled simultaneous execution of MultiSearch from multiple browser windows.
  • A Correlation Matrix can now be performed for up to 12 funds across seven evaluation periods. Just click "Correlate" within the Analyze tool of the MultiSearch Results page.
MFO Premium is evolving: our current suite of tools is slated to expand as we add more functions that our readers and we, personally, have needed.

Premium MFO membership is $120 per year ($85 is tax-deductible to the extent allowable under law). Create an account by clicking on LOGIN tab above. Access is granted automatically after email verification and PayPal portal payment. Alternately, writing a check works. Drop us an email (david@mutualfundobserver.com) when the check is in the mail and we will access you pronto.

Current subscribers can extend or renew subscriptions any time via ACCOUNT tab. All subscriptions are non-recurring (we don't believe in auto-renewal).

If you have any site issues, see something amiss, suggestions for improvement, or general feedback, please email (admin@mfopremium.com). We will address soonest.
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