MFO Premium Webinar – Thursday, 15 April 2021

Thank you all for participating in our latest webinar!


Here is link to chart deck.


And here’s link to video recording recording.






On Thursday, April 15th, we will host two webinars about the MFO Premium search tool site.


The site helps individual investors and financial advisers 1) sort through the vast number of funds available today based on criteria important to them, 2) maintain candidate lists of promising funds to conduct further due diligence on, and 3) monitor risk and return performance of their current portfolios.


Since our last webinar in January, which featured my colleague Lynn Bolin, the site has experienced several upgrades, including:


  • Ferguson Life metrics
  • Redesigned MultiSearch user interface
  • Dashboard of Launch Alerts tool
  • Saved Searches feature in MultiSearch
  • Expanded Watchlists and Portfolios
  • Jump Scroll, Plus Search, and Exclude Category features in MultiSearch


The morning session will be at 11 am Pacific time (2pm Eastern). The afternoon at 2pm Pacific time (5pm Eastern). The webinars will be enabled by Zoom. You are welcome to register for both webinars.


Please use the following links to register for the morning session or afternoon session. Each will last nominally 1 hour, including questions.


Material covered in previous webinar can be found here.


Hope to you can join us again on the call. If you have any topics you’d like discussed, or general questions, happy to answer promptly via email ( or scheduled call.