MFO Ratings Updated Through September 2019, plus New Metrics for Risk-Averse Investors

All fund risk and return metrics, ratings, and analytics have been uploaded to MFO Premium, reflecting performance through September 2019. We went live last Monday evening and today we added three new metrics (well, the first is newly revised) and attendant ratings to MultiSearch, which should be especially appealing to risk-averse investors: Bear Market Deviation, […]

Our New Portfolio Analysis Tool

Just after midnight Vancouver Island time, we went live with our Portfolio Analysis Tool, as described in this month’s commentary. It brings together many features developed for other tools (like Watchlists and QuickSearch), but with one very unique difference … it computes in real-time the MFO risk and return metrics for the display/evaluation period specified. In […]

WisdomTree Fund Family

WisdomTree launched in 2006. They now offer 78 ETFs with AUM totaling $39B. I first learned of them through Jeremy Schwartz, whom I met briefly thanks to Wesley Gray at one of AlphaArchitect’s Democratizing Quant conferences and again at #MFTF last year. Jeremy’s title is Executive Vice President, Global Head of Research. I’ve always found […]

Best Money Market Funds

There are about 40 money market mutual funds available retail in the US. The four listed below have delivered about 2.4% this past year … as risk free as it gets. They have been around a long time and consistently outperformed their peers. A couple with hefty minimums. One closed to new investors. Leaving Vanguard […]

MFO Ratings Updated Through July 2019

All fund risk and return metrics, ratings, and analytics were uploaded yesterday, reflecting performance through July 2019. Some highlights and lowlights: Deutsche rebranded from Deutsche Asset Management to DWS, following a similar rebranding to DBX Advisors, the fund family’s advisor. It’s a trend. Why do you think that is? DWS begins its value statement with: […]