Capital Migrates To Best Fund Families In September 2020 MFO Ratings Update

All fund risk and return metrics, ratings, and analytics were uploaded to MFO Premium on this past Sunday, 4 October, reflecting performance through September 2020 or 3rd Quarter.   The MFO Fund Family Scorecard reveals 31 families (like Winning Points, Huber, Saratoga) where every fund has underperformed since launch by an average of -3.2% per […]

Damage Assessment: MFO Ratings Updated Through March 2020

All fund risk and return metrics, ratings, and analytics were uploaded yesterday to MFO Premium, reflecting performance through March 2020. It was a bad month. The pandemic’s economic impact is reminiscent of the financial crisis, only transpiring much faster. The world was unprepared. Hearing about “CV-19” at first seemed remote and contained, like the term […]

WisdomTree Fund Family

WisdomTree launched in 2006. They now offer 78 ETFs with AUM totaling $39B. I first learned of them through Jeremy Schwartz, whom I met briefly thanks to Wesley Gray at one of AlphaArchitect’s Democratizing Quant conferences and again at #MFTF last year. Jeremy’s title is Executive Vice President, Global Head of Research. I’ve always found […]

Best Money Market Funds

There are about 40 money market mutual funds available retail in the US. The four listed below have delivered about 2.4% this past year … as risk free as it gets. They have been around a long time and consistently outperformed their peers. A couple with hefty minimums. One closed to new investors. Leaving Vanguard […]