MFO Premium Webinar: Guest Lynn Bolin and Back To Basics

Thank you all for participating in our latest webinar. Special thanks to Lynn Bolin! It was our best attended webinar yet.


Here is link to chart deck of morning session with Lynn. It includes his charts.


And here’s link to video recording of the session.


The afternoon session was more of an overview given the number of new users to site.


Here is link to chart deck of afternoon “back-to-basics” session.


And here’s link to video recording of the afternoon session.






This coming Tuesday, January 5th, we will host two webinars about the MFO Premium search tool site, which is now in its six year.


Since March especially, the tools have never been more popular. We intend to discuss their overall utility in culling down from the vast number of funds available today to then maintaining a select list of candidate funds for individual investors and financial advisers alike.


The first or morning session will feature my colleague Lynn Bolin, who contributes regularly to MFO and Seeking Alpha. The second or afternoon session will be a general overview and quick review of newest features since the last webinar.


Some improvements since our last webinar:


  • 64 Evaluation Periods, including 6 Full Cycle and 10 Unique
  • Alternative Energy Category
  • 40 Screenshots
  • Blog Archival Feature
  • Return Greater Than Yield Screen
  • Searchable Industry Sector Allocations
  • A significant Portfolio Analysis tool upgrade


The morning session will be at 11 am Pacific time (2pm Eastern). The afternoon at 2pm Pacific time (5pm Eastern). The webinars will be enabled by Zoom. You are welcome to register for both webinars.


Please use the following links to register for the morning session or afternoon session. Each will last nominally 1 hour, including questions.


Here are links to previous webinar charts and video recording.


Hope to you can join us again on the call. If you have any topics you’d like discussed, or general questions, happy to answer promptly via email ( or scheduled call.