Redesigned MultiSearch User Interface

On Sunday, 7 March all fund risk and return metrics, ratings, and analytics were uploaded to MFO Premium, reflecting performance through February 2021.


On Wednesday, 17 March MultiSearch received three new enhancements …


  • Exclude Categories. Users can now select, for example, US Equity Funds subtype, while excluding funds in the Specialized Diversity Equity, S&P 500 Index, and S&P Midcap 400 Index categories.

  • Socially Conscious “Plus.” Last month, we introduced the “Plus” option for fundname, manager, and adviser criteria, which enables searches of all funds meeting these criteria in addition to funds meeting a combination of other criteria. This option is now also available with the Socially Conscious metric.

  • Long Life Rolling Averages. 30, 40, and 50-year rolling periods were added to the Analyze tool, which is particularly interesting when analyzing long life funds, like DODBX, as well is the Allocation Indices in Pre-Set Screens. SP500 and LGovBnd date back to 1926!


Today, Friday 26 March, a redesigned MultiSearch user interface was introduced, with the hope of making it easier for users to explore and select from the nearly 200 criteria available to customize searches.


The criteria are arranged by groups. You can see all the criteria in all the groups by clicking the “Expand” button in lower right of MultiSearch Input page. Hitting “Collapse” will show only the criteria in the Basic Info group. You can also toggle groups individually. A shadow will appear on any group button where you have selected criteria.


Here’s a peek:


Refinitiv drops month ending March data on Saturday, 3 April. Look for the MFO ratings update later that day or early Sunday. We will also be scheduling another webinar to review the latest features in mid April. The specific date/times will be in the April MFO commentary and in next update email.


As always, if you see anything amiss or have suggestions for improvement, let us know and we will respond soonest.