Lots of “100 Club” Funds In March 2021 MFO Ratings Update

On Sunday, 4 April all fund risk and return metrics, ratings, and analytics were uploaded to MFO Premium, reflecting performance through March 2021.


David mentions numerous “100 Club” funds in his April commentary. He coined the term “100 Club” for funds doubling investor returns these past 12 months. Some funds even exceeded 200% return.


“These past 12 months” began April 2020, omitting last March’s sudden, if short-lived, CV-19 induced drawdowns. If you only look at risk and performance since April 2020 (please don’t), fund investing appears utterly safe (it’s not) and highly rewarding (it can be).


To see for yourself, MultiSearch now includes “100 Club” and “200 Club” options under Annualized Percent Return (APR) criteria in the Period Metrics group. Set Display Period to “1 Year,” and hit: Search. Then, for contrast and due diligence, evaluate a longer period.


Another new feature: Expanded Ferguson Metrics includes a “Life” period, or more specifically “relevant life,” which according to CFA Brad Ferguson is not younger than 3 years but not older than period beginning CY 2008, start of the Great Financial Crisis. The “Life” addition helps ensure nothing falls through the cracks between the 3, 5, and 10 year metrics.


Finally, next Thursday, 15 April, we will host our next webinar, which will review the site’s latest features. If you can join us, please register here.


As always, if you see anything amiss or have suggestions for improvement, let us know and we will respond soonest.