Mid-Year Update Brings Rolling Batting Averages and Trend Ratings

On Independence Day, Sunday, 4 July, all fund risk and return metrics, ratings, and analytics were uploaded to MFO Premium, reflecting performance through June 2021.


Thanks to all that participated in our Mid-Year Review webinar on Thursday, 15 July. For your reference, here are links to the briefing charts and video recording.


Yesterday, we went live with several new MultiSearch screening metrics:


  • Rolling Batting Averages and Ratings. These compare a fund’s rolling period returns against those of its category peers to determine a batting percentage.

  • Reamer Ratio and Rating. A specific rolling batting average developed by Brian Reamer, a Wisconsin-based financial adviser, who uses it to assess performance consistency. Specifically, it is the percentage that a fund’s 3-year rolling returns beat the rolling returns of its peers over the past 10 years. There are 85 such 3-year rolling periods per decade.

  • Trend, Simple Moving Average (SMA), Upside Capture, Downside Capture, Capture Ratio and Batting Average Ratings. All of these metrics were previously screenable as values, but now you can screen using ratings. A rating of  5  means best in category for return-based metrics, while  1  is best for risk-based metrics. Here is current list of all 200 or so MultiSearch Screening Parameters.

  • Tax Cost Ratios, both Pre and Post Liquidation; Fee Waivers, Type, Date, and Limit; 30-Day SEC Yields, with and without subsidy; Adviser and Subadviser fees. All in MultiSearch results table in the Purchase and Portfolio groups. See Definitions page or just hover over column titles for brief reminder.


The full results table includes more than 700 columns reflecting risk and return metrics and fund information, but now defaults to Summary Info only, which includes the more popular metrics. Use the “Group” or “Column” button to expand and tailor the table to metrics you are interested in. The result of this approach: MultiSearch, once loaded, is extremely responsive.


To support a request on the MFO Discussion Board, we will be holding an impromptu webinar tomorrow, Friday, 30 July, 11am Pacific (2pm Eastern). No charts. No need to register. Just demos of MultiSearch’s ability to screen large numbers of funds, quickly. You can join us at that time by clicking here.


Finally, because last day of month falls on a Saturday, July performance will not post until Sunday, 8 August.


As always, if you see anything amiss or have suggestions for improvement, let us know and we will respond soonest.