Surprise, Up 10% Plus Past Year

Three perennial GOs remain GOs this month along with Honor Roll distinction: Vanguard Wellesley Income (VWINX), Vanguard Wellington Balanced (VWELX), and Vanguard PRIMECAP (VPMCX).


The past 12 months, they’ve each delivered top quintile excess returns. They are also among the highest AUM funds in their respective categories. So much for scale eating returns, in this case anyway … it’s been that kind of market. All these funds, more than 10% return! So much too for 1% real return predictions.


Also, interesting to see how low the volatility of Aggregate Bond Index (“USBond”) has been this past year, especially with respect to SP500 Index, placing bonds in bottom quintile risk category versus below average (2nd) quintile historically.