MFO Premium Site Webinar Charts & Video – Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Thank you all for attending!


Please find link to charts here.


Please find link to conference video here.


And, below is Brad’s beautiful big picture view … he was awesome!




As highlighted in this month’s commentary, we have two sessions planned, one hour each nominally, on Tuesday 15 January 2019 at 2pm and 5pm eastern … 11am and 2 pm pacific.


Like last time, we will employ easy-to-use the Zoom web conferencing tool.


Brad Ferguson of Halter Ferguson Financial will highlight how he uses the premium site to find funds that best match his clients needs … and “the next Robert Gardiner.”


We’ll also discuss latest upgrades, including a lightning fast, highly addictive MultiSearch tool … should load today!


If you’ve not already done so, please register here for first session.


Or, here for second session.


Thank you!