MFO Ratings Updated Through July 2019

All fund risk and return metrics, ratings, and analytics were uploaded yesterday, reflecting performance through July 2019.

Some highlights and lowlights …


  • Deutsche rebranded from Deutsche Asset Management to DWS, following a similar rebranding to DBX Advisors, the fund family’s advisor. It’s a trend. Why do you think that is? DWS begins its value statement with: “Openness, transparency and accountability …”

  • Some funds actually don’t even bear their company name, like Stock Dividend (SDIVX) and High Income Securities (PCF). No brand whatsoever. Why is that? MFO maintains its own fundname master list in a small attempt at transparency. Our name for PCF is Bulldog High Income Securities, after its advisor, and we preface iShares with BlackRock. We still call Deutsche Deutsche.

  • Our Fund Family Scorecard shows 25 families with 100% records, meaning every fund in those families have beaten their peers since launch. They include perennially good (if not perfect, except in this case) families, like Dodge & Cox, and others that may surprise you.
  • The same tool shows 29 families with 0% records … every fund has underperformed since launch. As a fund company, it’s a designation I would generally not want to advertise. As an investor or financial advisor, I would definitely want to know. The scorecard tracks more than 400 fund families.

  • Speaking of brands: USAA fund family is no more.


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