MFO Ratings Updated Through October 2019

All fund risk and return metrics, ratings, and analytics have been uploaded to MFO Premium, reflecting performance through October 2019.

We went live Tuesday night. Ratings were updated on 12,254 funds holding about $25 trillion in assets under management. Can you believe that?

In addition to the ratings, more updates worth mentioning:


  • Fund Fee Rating. MultiSearch now allows users to screen by expense ratio (ER) rating, which groups fund expense ratios by quintile for each category. Our data shows that if you’re holding a fund with an ER Rating of 5 (highest and worst), you’d better have a good reason why.
  • Category Averages. MultiSearch now provides averages of all metrics, as applicable, by category. Just set Asset Universe to “Averages” or select “Include Averages” in your screening criteria.
  • Subscription Price. We increased the price (donation level) of an annual subscription to MFO Premium from $100 to $120 for individuals. The increase covers corresponding price increases in our Lipper (now Refinitiv) datafeed and a new service sales tax being imposed on Lipper by Iowa, where our non-profit is based.

We’ve received considerable praise this past year (we share some in Premium Site Updates), so we trust you’ll find that the price remains a bargain. And thanks to your continued feedback and recommendations, the site has evolved considerably since its inception four years ago.

A couple quick but extraordinary observations in this month’s data:


  • Fund companies rarely have numerous funds on the Honor Roll, but none on the Three Alarm list. This month Vanguard, which seems to invariably accomplish this feat, has 25 funds on Honor Roll. Wasatch has 5. Neither have funds sounding the alarm. Both are Top Fund Families.
  • American Funds has 8 funds on the Three Alarm list and none on the Honor Roll.

As always, if you see anything amiss, let us know and we will respond soonest.

Please enjoy the latest data and site features.