Styled Excel Export Option with August Update

On Sunday, 5 September, all fund risk and return metrics, ratings, and analytics were uploaded to MFO Premium, reflecting performance through August 2021.


On Wednesday, 15 September, Brad Ferguson of Indianapolis-based Halter Ferguson Financial joined our webinar to discuss his new Mega Ratio and how he uses it to quickly glean a list of 100 consistent out-performers, filtered down from 10,000 fund offerings.


[On that same day four civilian astronauts were launched into space with a SpaceX Falcon rocket, embarking on a 3-day mission orbiting Earth.]


Here is a compilation of All Things Bradford on MFO since we started collaborating in 2018, most recent on top:



Yesterday we went live with an enhancement that enables users to export all MFO Premium tables to formatted Excel spreadsheets, which means risk and return ratings will now retain their color styles. It’s pretty cool … thanks to Allan Jardine of SpryMedia and associate Paul Jones.


I’m in Chicago this week attending Morningstar’s Investment Conference. In one keynote session, Rob Arnott of Research Affiliates and Catherine Wood of ARK Investment Management will debate “Gloom or Boom? Two Wildly Different Perspectives on Equity Valuations.” If you happen to be attending as well, please give a call-out.


The September 3Q performance update should drop by Sunday, 3 October.


As always, if you see anything amiss or have suggestions for improvement, let us know and we will respond soonest.