Terrible Twos? The two-year-old funds which are most out-of-step with their peers …

We thought we’d start catching up with the 130 U.S. equity funds which have passed their second anniversary but have not yet reached their third, which is when conventional trackers such as Morningstar and Lipper pick them up.


As Charles has repeatedly demonstrated, the screener at MFO Premium allows you to answer odd and interesting questions. I’ll try to look at several questions over the next week, starting with “which of these new funds might be badly miscategorized?”


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MFO Premium Search Tools Webinars Recordings & Intro Charts

We’ve conducted our first-ever Zoom Webinars … three this month … all sessions generated positive feedback and follow-up … several questions in first session especially. As touted by chip, thought the process was easy, which bodes well for future sessions.


Here are links to our latest webinar intro charts and video:



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Nobody Loves a SPY

There are an interesting article in the WSJ today reporting that on Monday SPY, the SPDR S&P 500 ETF, had its lowest trading volume in 11 years. 32 million shares changed hands, down from an average of about 80 million shares a day. Of necessity, that means that “sophisticated” investors sat out.


A second story noted that during 2017 the Dow has seen its lowest intraday price volatility in six years.


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MFO’s Fund Family Scorecard

MFO’s Fund Family Scorecard measures how well funds run by the same management company have performed against their peers since inception.


We first published the card in June 2014 commentary with How Good Is Your Fund Family?, followed by updates in May 2015 and May 2016. Beginning in June 2016, our premium site updates the card monthly and provides fund family metrics.


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