Register for Webinar – 15 January 2019

As highlighted in this month’s commentary, we have two sessions planned, one hour each nominally, on Tuesday 15 January 2019 at 2pm and 5pm eastern … 11am and 2 pm pacific.

Like last time, we will employ easy-to-use the Zoom web conferencing tool.

Brad Ferguson of Halter Ferguson Financial will highlight how he uses the premium site to find funds that best match his clients needs … and “the next Robert Gardiner.”

We’ll also discuss latest upgrades, including a lightning fast, highly addictive MultiSearch tool … should load today!

If you’ve not already done so, please register here for first session.

Or, here for second session.

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All Dodge & Cox Funds Trending Down

Through October, all six Dodge & Cox funds below 3- and 10-month simple moving averages (SMAs), including its Income fund DODIX. Its closed International Stock fund DODFX is trending 8.5% below is 10-month SMA.

Hussman Funds

Since inception Hussman funds have been one of great destroyers of capital in the mutual fund industry, except for the fees they generate, which are currently as high as 2% per year. And even still, they maintain an AUM of $600M. Can you believe that?

O’Shaughnessy Funds

O’Shaughnessy Funds rose to MFO’s “Upper” Family Rating this past month. Good to see. All its 5 funds have fared very well against their competition this past year.

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New Webhost

Just migrated MFO Premium to DreamHost from SiteGround, which has hosted the site since launch in November 2015. The reason for the change is that Paypal recently started enforcing more up-to-date versions of TLS (Transport Layer Security) than were available on SiteGround’s server, so it stopped handshaking with our subscriber management software, called UserBase. That meant we had to manually approve subscribers after they paid on PayPal. That issue should be fixed now.

We apologize for any hassle!

The site appears fully functional and the transition should be transparent, but if you see anything amiss (for example, missing newer WatchLists), please email ( and we will address soonest.

As always.

Baillie Gifford

All 11 Baillie Gifford funds have outperformed their peers since launch in US. YTD, however, its international/EM funds have followed their categories down … now in 6th month of drawdown. And, last month its two growth funds dipped with FB. Still, impressive numbers so far.

Here are numbers since launch …

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2017 Performance of Largest Funds by AUM

A bit old news, but here are 2017 risk/return metrics for the top 10 US funds by assets under management (AUM), sorted by AUM. Eight index funds. Two ETFs SPY and IVV. Six Vanguard funds. The two actively managed funds, both American Funds, generate the about same fee annually $2.5B as the six Vanguard funds combined (click on image to enlarge).

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Number of US Funds

Half of today’s nearly 10,000 US mutual funds & ETFs did not exist 10 years ago. Half of those did not exist 20 years ago. Making for a sort of net effective half-life (or doubling-time) of 10 years. Only 10% existed 30 years ago or say a about generation ago. Only 66 date back to January 1960.

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Webinar – Premium Site Update – Thursday, 4 January 2018

We’ve enjoyed a wonderfully nice response to David’s year-end contribution challenge and held another webinar highlighting recent updates to Premium site.

Here is link to discussion charts: Webinar Charts

Here is link to video: Webinar Recording

Thank you!

Terrific Twos: The Top-Performing Two-Year-Old Funds

We thought we’d start continue up with the 130 U.S. equity funds which have passed their second anniversary but have not yet reached their third, which is when conventional trackers such as Morningstar and Lipper pick them up. As Charles has repeatedly demonstrated, the screener at MFO Premium allows you to answer odd and interesting questions. When markets are rising, everybody’s question is the same: who’s making the most?

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